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FRAME - Grilamid TR-90 Frame

LENS TECHNOLOGY - Polarized Polycarbonate (PC) Zeiss lenses

FEATURES - Anti-Reflective, Anti-Fog, Tripel/Ripel 


Equipping you with razor-sharp focus, search-intensified clarity, and mission-targeted precision, the Marauders prepare you as you set off on any journey. 

The Marauders boast a rare-breed combination of dynamic features in one pair of unique shades. With lightweight lenses encased in a form-fitting frame, the Marauders are designed to last the journey—from the first step to the final finish.

Designed to withstand harsh conditions, survive (and thrive) through long distances, and turn obscure surroundings into acute detail, the Marauders are ready to roam, prepared to pounce, and can equip you to attack your adventure.


FRAME - Grilamid TR-90 Frame

Nylon-polymer injected frames with a battle-tested blend, able to withstand the most extreme adventures thrown at it. Tough, crack-resistant, lightweight as well as hypo-allergenic refuting in one of the most durable frames on the market. 

POLARIZED LENS TECHNOLOGY - Polarized Polycarbonate (PC) Carl Zeiss lenses

Glare caused by concentrated light reflecting off of various surfaces like snow, ice, and water. Reducing your ability to see clearly. Bolt and Arrow Optics filter out glare and transmit only the light you need, allowing the visual acuity needed in any situation. 


The anti-reflective coating provides a sharper vision which prevents sunlight and glare from reflecting into your eyes from the back surface of the lens when the sun is behind you.


This increases the lenses resistance to fog up in moist environments or with heavy physical effort, supporting your vision and increasing your performance.


This is a lens treatment makes water and perspiration roll off the surface, rather than creating a film. The lens stays clean and free of the distortion that would otherwise be caused by the water. The lenses will also withstand fingerprints and stains, which make them stay clean much longer than ordinary lenses


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